b'12131cm wide 976$120200An antique copper bucket with iron handle, 19th century,968 46cm high, 39cm wideAn antique birdcage, copper and$120200 brass with original blue glass knobs, 19th century, 97760cm high, 55cm wide SIKESS Hydrometer in mahogany case, $25035019th century,the case 25cm wide969 $120200 Pewter candle holders, plates, shop counter bell, inkwell, horn spoon, knife, crumb tray and brush, plus a medieval style vessel,19th and 20th century,the plates 23cm diameter (11)$100200 974970Assorted stoneware and pottery jars, jugs and bed warmer together with an Australian timber compote and a Tasmanian napkin ring,19th and early 20th century,the largest 29cm high (8)$100200 971A graduated set of five copper saucepans, 20th century,the largest 13.5cm high, 26cm diameter (5)$150250 961972An antique copper preserving pan, late 19th century,35cm diameter$60100 973Torpedo bottle, pocket microscope, antique chopper, Japanese whist scorer, pocketknife and Scottish grouse foot brooch, 19th and 20th century,the bottle 23cm high (6)$100200 974Antique English pewter ice cream mould stamped 1 QUART with diamond registration date for 1868,18cm high$120200975Group of nine assorted pie funnels including rare The Servex Chef Bohemian porcelain and English porcelain Nutbrown Pie Funnel,19th and 20th century,the largest 12cm high (9)$450550 965'