b'107PAINTINGS & ARTWORKS855PETER PAUL RUBENS (1577 - 1640),S. Gregorivs,copper engraving,Pietro Paulo Rubens Inventor in margin lower right,20 x 18cm.$100200 856JAMES GILLRAY(ENGLISH, 1765 - 1815)[William Pitt] The MINISTER endeavouring to eke out Dr. PR.TY.Ns Bisho-prick, [R. Phillips, Southwark, 1787], etching, 33 24cm.Pitt holds up the dome of St. Pauls865which he is about to place over Lincoln Cathedral. He stands in a graveyard861 865at some distance, and leans forward, his right foot resting on a tombstoneGEORGE MORLAND (AFTER), HILL,inscribed Hic jacet and decoratedShepherds Reposing, An early 19th century naive painting with a bishops mitre, a winged skull,hand-coloured engraving by W. Bonddepicting a river estuary, a church on the and cross-bones. after G. Moreland, hill, a fisherman tending to his sails, etc. $100200signed lower right, titled lower centre, English; done in oil on artist card, 16 x published By H. Macklin, Fleet Street,24cm, and signed Hill at lower right; 857 1803. verso with inscription including The 46.5 x 36cm. Misses Hill present their best regards ARTIST UNKNOWN to the Misses Brett and they will favour (ITALIAN, 19TH CENTURY), $120200them by their company to Tea on Friday Renaissance style female portrait, next., Monday Morning, Littlebourn oil painting on oak and gesso board, 862 Cottage.painted inventory number verso No.7, RICHARD DIGHTON (1795 - 1880) $150200Florentine gilt frame, A London Nuisance Pl.5 - One of 54 x 43cm the Advantages of GAS over OIL, 866$600800[Thomas McLean, London, 1821], etchingGEORGE CRUIKSHANK #5 from a series of 6, 28 x 23cm. (1792 - 1878),858 $100150Nine plates from The Sailors Progress, THOMAS ROWLANDSON[London: Thomas McLean, 1835]. (1756 - 1827), 863 Includes title page (20 x 14cm) and 8 A collection of hand-coloured etchings,scenes including Waiting room at the (26) depicting scenes in the life of ARTIST UNKNOWN, Admiralty, Mr.B seeking the Bubble Dr. Syntax. All approx. 11 x 19cm. (Watercolour wreath) reputation, Master B. Finding things not exactly what he expected. Each $250300inscribed for Henriette Roe, Malvernmeasuring approximately 20 x 28cm.1826, 16 x 18cm. $200250 859 $100150 ETCHINGS & ENGRAVINGS: A collection867of English satirical images by Cruikshank,864 A pair of English Regency portrait Heath, and others; various sizes, mostlyGEORGE CRUIKSHANK miniatures in original satin birch frames, hand coloured. (18). (17921878), early 19th century,$200300Group of four (4) amusing etchings,faint inscription verso possiblyeach approx. 8 x 11cm and mountedMr. and Mrs. Johnson,860 individually. 18.5 x 16cm overall (2)MECHANICAL ETCHINGS: Group of$100150$120200 five (5) hand-coloured images by Richard Evan SLY and by William SPOONER,868all circa 1800 - 1845. Images includeARTIST UNKNOWN Popping the Question, The Lover(EUROPEAN SCHOOL),and A Very Suspicious Tenant and all require moving a disc or opening a flap toportrait of a lady, 19th century,enjoy the full effect. Quite scarce. oil on canvas,$500750100 x 75cm$300500 '