b'26179DRESDEN German porcelain lidded urn, 20th century,blue factory mark stamped Dresden,49cm high$300500180An Italian porcelain mantel urn decorated with finely applied flowers and parrot finial, 20th century,43cm high$200300181An Italian porcelain duck statue, 20th century,original foil label Made In Italy,25cm high$100200 182Hertha Bengtson for Rrstrand, Bl eld (Blue Fire) Swedish porcelain table ware, 1960s,comprising serving platters, bowls, saucers and condiments,the largest 40cm wide (15)$150250 178183HEREND porcelain goose, GOEBEL 173 178 porcelain duck, CROWN NAPLESROYAL DOULTON The JudgePICASSO Joueur de Flte et ChvreItalian porcelain statue and a pottery cat, (H.N.2443) porcelain statue together withpottery plaque, circa 1956, 20th century,The Lawyer (H.N.3041), 20th century, impressed stamp Madoura Plein Feu,the largest 11cm high (4)18cm and 22cm high (2) Empreinte Originale De Picasso, $120200$150250from an edition of 450,reference: Rami, Alain. (1988) Picasso 174 Catalogue of the edited ceramic works 1947-1971. Listed in catalogue raisonn BESWICK English porcelainno. 382.cockerel statue, 25.5 x 25cmstamped Beswick, England, $6,0008,00024cm high, 24cm wide$80120175ARTIST UNKNOWN bulbous pottery stem vase with four necks, 20th century,signed J. W,24cm high$100200176ROYAL DUX Czechoslovakian white porcelain figure of a stylized horseand female rider, circa 1960s,pink triangular factory mark,36cm high$200300 177A Continental porcelain figure groupof two ladies in crinoline dresses,20cm high, 31cm wide$100200 175'