b'42309306 309 311Two Georgian profile portrait miniatures,A pair of French gilded bronze SphinxA pair of oval antique gilt picture frames, in original rosewood frames, statues on marble bases, 19th century, late 19th century,each notated verso The Year 1792,15cm high, 18.5cm long (2) 60 x 52cm, picture size 28 x 22cm (2)with further ownership inscription naming$400600 $150250 Mrs N.G. Downie,22.5 x 20.5cm and 24 x 22cm overall (2) 310 312$600800An antique English writing slope,A miniature portrait in gilt metal and piano amboyna, yew, ebony, mother of pearlivory frame, 19th century,307 and bone, 19th century, 11 x 9cm overallAn antique English writing box,13cm high, 35cm wide, 26cm deep $150250 burr walnut with brass fittings,$120200 mid 19th century, 31319cm high, 50cm wide, 27cm deep$120200An antique carved marble and alabaster eagle statue on black marble pedestal base, late 19th century,308 the eagle 68cm high, 172cm high overallAn antique portrait miniature of a lady,$3,0005,00019th century,15 x 12.5cm overall$150250 317 319 320'