b'81609 612 615An English Arts and Crafts ladder backWINSOR & NEWTON LTD. LONDONA countertop display cabinet,chair, late 19th century, Antique artists easel, walnut and glass, late 19th century,96cm high makers label verso, 78cm high, 60cm wide, 45cm deep$100200190cm high, 71cm wide $250350 $250350 610 616STICKLEY style set of six chairs613 An antique two tiered walnut pedestal, comprising two carvers and four standardAn English Arts and Crafts oak hallstand,square form tapering legs with spade chairs with later berber upholstery,circa 1905, feet, circa 1900,early 20th century, 184cm high, 102cm wide, 38cm deep 106cm high, 30cm wide, 30cm deepthe carvers 68cm across the arms (6) $400600 $250350$600800 614611 An antique English corner seat, An Arts and Crafts circular two tier oakmahogany with simulated rosewood planter stand, circa 1900, graining and hand-painted panels, early 119cm high, 40cm diameter 19th century,$250350187cm high, 75cm wide, 75cm deep$300500 598 613'