b'1361118 1121 1125American Civil War cavalry sabre inAn Imperial German cutlass sword Two rifle holsters a bandolier and a scabbard, stamped U.S. ADK, 1862,with lion pommel, late 19th century, binocular pouch, 20th century,Ames Mfs. Co. Chicopee Mass. 87cm long the leather holster 80cm long (4)additionally marked on the guard 11199, $150250$80120 102cm long$400600 1122 1126LORD KITCHENER and BADEN-POWELLEight assorted medals and badges, 1119 Staffordshire pottery figures 20th century,A military statue doorstop, on horseback, late 19th century, the largest 11cm high (8)painted cast iron, 20th century, 31cm high (2) $60100 40cm high $4060 $10020011271123 Toledo Spanish dress sword, 1120 An antique Burmese sword in wooden20th century,Prussian 1889 Infantry Degan scabbard, circa 1900, 86cm longin scabbard, 89cm long $150250 97cm long $250350$400600 11281124 A hunting knife with knapped stone A Tibetan antique sword, 19th century, blade, antler handle and sinew binding, 93cm long 20th century,$40060024cm long$150250 1118 1120 1123 1124'