b'98752 758An antique 9ct gold Albert fob chain, An antique 9ct gold Albertina ladies fob stamped on each link 9, 375, chain, late 19th century,44cm long, 37.5 grams stamped 9c,$8001,200 39cm long, 11 grams$300500 753An antique 15ct gold watch chain759together with a gold trophy fob, An antique cameo brooch in silver gilt 25 grams total (2) mount, 19th century,$5007006cm high$200300 754Group of assorted antique cameos, 760in as is condition, 19th century, A superb Belle Epoque brooch, yellow the largest 4.5cm high (6) gold set with natural pearls surrounded $120200by diamonds, late 19th century,an impressive 7cm high by 5cm wide, 755 20.4 gramsAn antique 9ct gold fox tail fob watch$2,5003,500chain, late 19th century,40cm long, 26.5 grams total 761$600800An Etruscan revival vintage necklace and an Eastern style necklace, 20th century,756 (2)An antique gold and ruby Victorian bar$120200 brooch, most likely originally a pair of earrings, 19th century, 7625.5cm wide, 7.8 grams total Two antique 9ct gold fob medallions,752 $250350 St. Crispin, Premiers 1910-11, and T.F.C. Premiers 1917,757 the larger 3cm high, 5 grams total (2)An antique 9ct rose gold ring set with$120200 emeralds and diamonds, kids size, 19th century,1cm diameter, 1.8 grams$200300 756765760'