b'57413 418Three Thai celadon ceramic bowls,A Chinese carved soap stone lion 17th/18th century, figural group on carved wooden stand, the largest 7cm high, 14.5cm diameter (3) 19th/20th century,$1202009cm high overall$200300414A Chinese blanc de chine porcelain tea419bowl, 18th century, A Chinese carved ivory picture stand 5cm high, 11.5cm diameter with dragon decoration, Qing Dynasty, $12020019th century,11cm high415 $200300A Thai celadon pottery bowl, 17th/18th century, 4204.5cm high, 20cm diameter A Mongolian natural turquoise $150250mineral specimen on timber stand,416 the specimen 22cm high, 16cm wide, A Chinese pottery vessel 10cm deepin the Sung style, $6008006.5cm high$100200 417A Chinese carved and pierced ivory jewellery casket, 19th century,3cm high, 9cm wide, 6.5cm deep 420$400600 408 410'