b'1411164BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Miscellaneous Selection; with Indian Gurkhas (2), Royal Scots Greys on Horseback (5), Knights in Armour (6) three standing and three on horseback including an Agincourt Knight; also Manoil/Barclay (USA) cast iron figures of WWII soldiers (12) in various battle action positions. (25 items)$120200 1165BRITAINS: - Motor Machine Gun Corps: motorcycle withex 1174machine gun mounted in sidecar, and detachable machine gun1171operative. BRITAINS: - Hollow Cast Lead - Circus Figures: c.1950s group $60100including Elephants (3), Tiger, Boxing Kangaroo (with gloves), Clowns (3) two with boxing gloves, circus horses (7) and female 1166 horse acrobat, Tall Man (height 9cm), Ringmaster, etc; few BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Mostly British Selection:figures with articulated limbs. (21 items)c.1950s group of figures comprising House Guards Sentry (6),$150200Royal Navy White jackets (8), Royal Marines (7), Grenadier Guards in Winter Overcoats (14); also Danish Infantry figures (7);1172all figures with one or both arms articulated. (42) BRITAINS: - Hollow Cast Lead - Circus Figures: including $200300Elephants (3), Tiger, Boxing Kangaroo (with gloves), Clowns (2) one with boxing gloves, circus horses (7), acrobats (2), ballerina, 1167 Tall Man (height 9cm), Ringmaster, etc; a few figures with BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Mostly Overseasarticulated limbs; c.1950s. (23 items)Military Selection: c.1950s group of figures including Abyssinian$180220 Bodyguards (2), Egyptian, French Foreign Legion plus a French Zouave, NZ and Venezuelan; some figures with animated1173weapon-carrying arm. (36 items) BRITAINS: - Hollow Cast Lead - Disney Characters: comprising $200300Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto; all with detachable/interchangeable heads, tallest Pluto (72mm); 1168 c.1950s. Seldom offered. (5 items)BRITAINS: - Hollow Cast Lead Figures - Royal Artillery:$30040019th century Royal Artillery Teams (3), each comprising 6 horses (three in each team are mounted) and a limber (one with two1174seated personnel), two of the teams with field guns, the thirdBRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead Figures - Footballers: with an additional limber; also six support cavalry of mounted1936-41 cast figures of Footballers in various liveries including Hussars; c.1950s. (3 sets, plus 6 other items) for VFL Clubs Richmond (6), Essendon & South Melbourne, $400600plus three others which appear to be in British Association Football colours. (11)1169 $150200BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - U.S. Marine Band: group of figures including Bass & Snare Drummer, various wind instrumentalists, all with articulated arms; couple with faults, c.1950s. (21)$80120 1170BRITAINS: - 54mm Hollow Cast Lead - Zulu & Togolaise Warriors: with Zulu figures (12), six brandishing spears, six brandishing clubs, all carrying additional spears and shield; Togolaise warrior figures (6) armed with bow and arrows; all the figures have articulated arms. (18)$120160ex 11711173'