b'80604A small antique countertop display cabinet, nickel bound with bevelled glass, late 19th century,34cm high, 29cm wide, 35cm deep$150250 605An antique two door upright shop display cabinet, glass replaced with ply in the back, early 20th century,200cm high, 200cm wide, 70cm deep$300500 606A pair of antique composition stone garden statues of hounds, late 19th century,70cm high (2)$1,0001,500607An antique English carved walnut side chair with unusual brass castors, 606 late 19th century$100200 608An English ladies desk, walnut with inset 597 603 leather top, late 19th century,A pair of French provincial style oakA set of three antique shop doors,75cm high, 108cm wide, 56cm deep bedside cabinets, late 19th century, attractive acid etched glass with painted(knee hole height 62cm)79cm high, 43cm wide, 37cm deep (2) timber surrounds, 19th century, $400600 $600800 the largest 235cm high, 92.5cm wide, the remaining two 235cm high, 87cm wide598 $400600 A Georgian style mahogany corner display cabinet, late 19th century,158cm high, 56cm wide, 35cm deep$300500599A bobbin reel cottage table with fossilized shell stone slab top, 19th century,68cm high, 92cm wide, 46cm deep$300500 600An English parlour cabinet, walnut, late 19th century,229cm high, 130cm wide, 36cm deep$300500 601A painted cast iron planter pot, 19th/20th century,23cm high, 61cm wide, 32cm deep$200300 602A Sheridan Revival mahogany circular occasional table, late 19th century,70cm high, 45cm diameter$250350 597'