b'90684 685Session 2Sunday 28 February 11.00am (AEDT) (Lots 684-1304)CLOCKS & TIMEPIECES 686aAn antique English drop dial wall clock, fusee movement with Roman 684 numerals, 19th century,A Georgian mahogany English bracket61cm highclock, eight day bell striking verge$8001,200movement with hour pull repeat and alarm train. Back plate beautifully687engraved, dial marked WILLIAM CREAK, LONDON, circa 1750s,An antique English railway clock, a fine example. single train fusee movement with 58cm high Roman numerals, 19th century,$4,0006,000 36cm diameter$600800685 688An impressive French figural mantel clock, time and strike movement with silkBig Ben House of Parliament suspension in a fine gilt bronze case, antique picture clock, signed lower movement and dial markedleft P.W. 1891,MUIRHEAD A PARIS, 19th century,housed in original fine frame, with key with key and pendulum, and in running order.59cm high 33 x 46cm overall$2,0003,000 $8001,000686 689An antique English drop dial wallA French marble cased mantel clock clock, single train fusee movement inwith 15 day time and strike movement, walnut case, dial marked TINSLEYtogether with a French alabaster cased MANCHESTER, 19th century, time piece table clock,85cm high 19th century, (2 items),$1,0001,500 24.5cm and 27cm high$120200 686'