b'4ContentsSession 1 (Lots 1683)Decorative ArtsSilver 1113Porcelain & Ceramics 114205Glass 206265Decorative ArtsGeneral 266370Antiquities 371373Chinese & Asian Art 374553Furniture 554643Rugs, Carpets & Textiles 644658Lamps & Lighting 659683Session 2 (Lots 6841304)Decorative ArtsClocks & Timepieces 684726Jewellery, Watches & Luxury Accessories 727854Paintings & Artworks 855940Photographs 941949Taxidermy 950953Tribal Artefacts & Artworks 954958CollectablesGeneral 9591006Vintage & Antique Tools 10071045Musical Instruments 10461054Radios and Gramophones 10551084Books & Historical Documents 10851112Exhibitions 11131115Military 11161128Models & Toys 11291304ImagesLots with this symbol are illustrated online at www.leski.com.au'