b'147959 66Continental silver plated tea service in 59 63 the Wiener Werksttte style, most likely An English sterling silver picture frame An antique silver plated pin cushion,Austrian, early 20th century,by Walker & Hall, circa 1900, 19th century, no visible hallmarks,28 x 21cm 9.5cm high, 17cm long the tallest 22.5cm high,$250350 $120200$6001,000 60 64 67An English sterling silver framed tableTIFFANY American silver oval jewelleryAn impressive antique Chinese silver picture frame, Birmingham, circa 1907, tray, circa 1911, plated horse racing trophy on fine carved 26cm high, 21cm wide marked Tiffany & Co. Makers, wooden stand, circa 1919,$300500Sterling Silver 925-1000, M, 80cm high overall17cm wide, 69 grams $3,5004,50061 $200300An English sterling silver framed table68picture frame, Birmingham, circa 1914, 65 A French silver handled antique23cm high, 18cm wide Three silver plated sugar scuttles, carving set in original box, $200300one in the form of a motor car, signed Chevent Autun,19th and early 20th century, the box 37cm wide62 the car example 8cm high, 18cm long (3) $120200 Antique German silver cutlery in six$120200 drawer canteen chest, early 20th century,incomplete but an impressive weight(not including filled handled pieces),5,500 grams$3,0005,000 64'