b'93708714707 712An American Arts & Crafts mantel clockAn antique travel clock, in oak case, circa 1910, early 20th century,46cm high 9cm high$100200$100150 708 713An antique French carriage clock inAn antique French timber original travel case with key, 19th century, cased mantel clock, time and 14cm high strike movement with Arabic $120200 numerals, late 19th century,34cm high709 $120200 SETH THOMAS mantel clock, time and strike movement in faux marble case,714late 19th century, An Art Nouveau mantel clock, 27cm high, 43cm wide lithograph design on a gilded $100200metal case, circa 190016cm high.710 $120160A Gorge cased French repeater antique carriage clock with Roman numerals,715eight day movement with original leverGUSTAV BECKER German escapement, striking ting-tang on the400 day dome clock, quarters on a single bell, circa 1870. early 20th century,Handle loose, 33cm high overall15cm high $150250$8001,000 711A three piece porcelain clock set with windmill decoration, timepiece only, late 19th century,40cm high (3)$200300 715'