b'82018A Russian silver jug with original gilt finish by VIKTOR VASILYEVICH SAVINSKY, Moscow, circa 1886,7.5cm high, 10cm wide, 82 grams$30050019A Russian silver spirit flute with engraved floral decoration, early 20th century,13.5cm high, 50 grams$25035026 20A Russian silver coin case designed to hold 5, 10 and 15 ruble coins, circa 1900,7.5cm long, 46 grams$40060021A Russian silver tea glass holder with insert, St. Petersburg, circa 1885,the holder 9.5cm high, 11cm wide, 118 grams, 13.5cm high overall$30050022A Russian silver tablespoon, together with an engraved soup spoon, early 20th century,the larger 20.5cm long,102 grams total (2)$250350 23Three assorted Russian silver spoons, 19th and early 20th century,the largest 16cm long, 80 grams total (3)$200300 24Three assorted Russian silver spoons with engraved backs, early 20th century,the largest 14cm long, 50 grams total (3)$200300 19 21'