b'68513512 515 521A Japanese carved ivory statue Five Japanese carved ivory peasantA Japanese carved ivory Okimonoof a wood cutter, Meiji period, figures, Meiji period, of the carvers, Meiji period,31.5cm high, 35.5cm high overall the largest 14cm high (5) red seal mark to base,$8001,200 $4006005cm high, 6cm wide$400600 513 516A Japanese ivory Shibayama page turner,Nine Japanese carved ivory peasant522Meiji period, 19th century, statues, late Meiji period, A Japanese carved ivory Okimono, 34cm long the tallest 6.5cm high (9) Meiji period,$450550 $4006004.5cm high, 7cm wide$350450 514 517A Japanese gilt lacquer ware boxA Japanese Okimono carved ivory group,523with crane decoration, Meiji period,Meiji period, 19th century, A Japanese carved ivory Okimono of 19th century, 6cm high the bird feeders, with coloured staining, 3.5cm high, 6cm wide, 4.5cm wide $400600 Meiji period,$120200 4.5cm high, 6cm wide518 $350450 A fine Japanese Okimono carved ivory group, Meiji period, 19th century, 5246cm high A Japanese carved ivory statue of$350450 a man and a snake, Meiji period, early 20th century,519 10.5cm highA Japanese carved ivory animal bridge $200300 on wooden stand, circa 1930,27cm long overall 525$300500SATSUMA Japanese mantel vase with flying ducks, circa 1900,520 four character mark,22cm highA Japanese circular box, finely carved$120200 ivory with chrysanthemum decoration, Meiji period,4cm high, 6.5cm diameter$250350 512 517 518'