b'71542 551 553Japanese bronze vase, Chinese porcelainA Thai carved timber panel,A Chinese carved bamboo brush pot vase, circular box, bronze Buddha statuemid 20th century, on later carved wooden stand together and dragon picture frame, 20th century, 63 x 62cm with an Indonesian carved timber statue, the largest 24cm high (5) $12020020th century,$12020036cm and 32cm high (2)552 $100200 543 An antique Thai standing Buddha, Japanese porcelain fan shaped dish,carved stone, 17th/18th century,two bowls, pottery crane vase and62cm highboxed set of five lacquered dishes,$8001,20019th and 20th century,the vase 15cm high (9)$100200 544A Japanese interior scene watercolour, Meiji period, 20th century,28 x 40cm$150250 545A set of five Japanese Geisha girl statues, cast resin, 20th century,the tallest 38cm (5)$80120 546Shiva statue, silvered bronze finish, Indian origin, 19th century,63.5cm high$400600 547An Anglo-Indian miniature painting of the Taj Mahal in original carved timber standing frame, 19th century,13 x 10.5cm overall$200300548A Balinese bronze mask on wooden base, early 20th century,47cm high, 46cm wide, 22cm deep overall$600800 549Six Indian paintings on parchment and paper, 19th and 20th century,housed in card mounts,the largest 55 x 38cm$120200 550Two Indonesian woven baskets with carved wooden animal finials, early 20th century,the larger 12cm high, 17cm wide (2)$100200 552'