b'1793A Danish sterling silver paper knife for MAERSK LINE, A.P. MOLLER, 20th century,stamped Sterling, Denmark, W.&S.S.,20cm long, 56 grams$120200 94Sheffield plate coffee pot, silver mounted glass vase, silver plated sugar tongs and a glass and pewter tankard, 19th and 20th century,the coffee pot 30cm high (4)$80120 8595Set of 18 silver plated place mats in original cradles, mid 20th century, 102 10819.5cm diameter (21) Assorted silver plated ware includingA silver overlay glass whisky decanter $80120cheese dish and cover, jugs,and a silver plated Art Deco cocktail warmer, circular tray, dishes etc.shaker, 20th century,96 19th and 20th century, 29cm and 28cm high (2)Two silver plated champagne buckets,the tray 33cm diameter (11) $80120 20th century, $60100 24cm and 25cm high (2) 109$120200103 Kings pattern silver plated cutlery set for Assorted silver plated ware including12 with 4 table spoons and 6 additional 97 compotes, tureen, tray, dishes, teacake forks, (94)An antique silver plated spirit kettle, strainers, salver, candle holder, milk jug,$150250 four piece tea service and two trays,sugar bowl etc, 20th century,early to mid 20th century, the tray 30cm diameter (19) 110the largest 32cm high (7) $60100A silver plated centrepiece, biscuit barrel $100200and carving set together with a ships 104 decanter and a crystal vase,98 Assorted silver plated ware including,the centrepiece 30cm high (5)A pair of silver plated champagne dishes, bowls, warming jugs, trays etc,$150250 ice buckets, 20th century, 20th century,25.5cm high (2) the jugs 35cm high (28) 111$120200$60100A quantity of antique and vintage silver plated cutlery and table ware, 99 105 19th and 20th centuryThree silver plated vegetable tureens,Sterling silver dish and two napkin rings$80120 20th century, together with 12 assorted silver plated the largest 14cm high, 30cm wide (3) napkin rings, 19th and 20th century, 112$120200silver weight 57 grams total (15)$60100ROBUR Challenge silver plated hot water pot, silver plated tea service, tray, 100 spoons, knife rests, strainer, butter dish, 106 retro bowls, bottle stopper and white Three antique silver plated butterISAAC JEHESKEL Israeli silver Mosesmetal jewellery box, 20th century,dishes with glass liners and knives,statue together with a wine cup,the tray 35cm diameter (15)19th century, 20th century, (2 items), $100200 the largest 18cm high, 20cm wide (3) the statue 20cm high$120200$100200 113101 A sterling silver commemorative plate 107 The University of Melbourne designed Four pairs of silver plated candlesticksMexican silver plated jugs and bowlby Kenneth Jack for Franklin Mint, 1979,and a matching set of three candelabrawith stone inlaid decoration, assortedframed and mounted,with three branches each, 20th century, cocktail skewers, two silver and glassthe plate 20cm diameterthe largest 28cm high (11) swan condiments, two glass vases with$120200 $100200metal decoration, an owl ornament and a cheese board boxed set, 20th century,the larger jug 25cm high, (10)$60100 '