b'125100810101020An antique wood plane with steel sole, blade stamped NORRIS, 19th century,19cm sole, 23cm long overall 1009$120200 1021An antique hand plane, hardwood and steel with brass blade keeper, 19th century,300cm sole$120200 1022Antique wooden plough plane with two arm adjustable fence, 19th century,27cm fence length 1007$1502501023 1024 1025Antique wooden plough plane with twoAntique wooden moulding plane withAntique wooden moulding plane with arm adjustable fence, stamped No.9,adjustable fence, stamped No.5,two arm adjustable fence, 19th century,19th century, 19th century, 22cm f ence length27cm f ence length 24cm f ence length $120200 $150250 $120200 1022 1023'