b'97723 733 742Point of sale advertising figure Three assorted vintage decoy ducks, Souvenir porcelain, Dresden porcelain of a coachman, painted fibreglass, 20th century, teaware, porcelain ewer, opera glasses, 20th century,the largest 47cm long (3) straight razor, bread fork, French clock 78cm high $150250A/F), ashtray, miniature antique book $200300 and holder, 19th and 20rth century,734 the ewer 21cm high (12 items)724 Set of six painted cast iron lion$120200 An alter piece standing crucifix, gildedmask architectural fixtures,and cast metal, late 19th century, 13cm high (6) 74356cm high $120200Nine assorted antique and vintage tins $150250 and boxes including rare CADBURY 735 CHOCOLATES velvet box, ROBUR TEA tin, MILO, COCOA etc,725 Two folk art twig picture frames, 19th and 20th century,Two large taxidermy alligator heads,early 20th century, Robur tin 22cm high (9)Louisiana, U.S.A. 20th century, the tallest 48cm high (2) $150250 the larger 40cm long (2) $100200 $500700 736726 An American curb side fire hydrant, Three taxidermy alligator heads,cast iron and brass, circa 1880,Louisiana, U.S.A. 20th century, 75cm highthe largest 30cm long (3) $400600 $350450 737727 A pair of Victorian hand-painted Four small taxidermy alligator heads,opaque glass lidded vases Louisiana, U.S.A. 20th century, together with a hand-paintedthe largest 16cm long (4) pottery plaque, 19th century,$250350the vases 38cm high (3)$60100 728The Reading Hardware Company738American hand cranked apple corer,An antique gilt iron and timber, 19th century, picture frame, 26cm high 19th century,$12020055 x 63cm$120200 729IONA book box, carved red cedar, 73919th century, Three antique copper and 12cm high brass kettles, 19th century,$150250the tallest 29cm high$120200 730Seven assorted vintage fishing reels740by Lashless, Atlas, ShakespeareA decorative horse halter with and Penn, 20th century. (7) bell and tassles, possibly for $150250a street parade, 20th century,58cm high731 $100200 Six assorted vintage fishing reels,20th century (6) 741$150250KITCHENALIA including bakelite cannister, Smiths 732 green bakelite timer in original box, Salter kitchen Seven assorted vintage fishing reels, scales and an antique jar, 20th century (7) 19th and 20th century.$150250the scales 30cm high (5 items)$80120 736'