b'32220An English brass bookbox, 19th century,19cm high$200300 221An English Georgian tea caddy in the form of a chest of drawers, mahogany and satinwood with whalebone handles, early 19th century,13cm high, 12cm wide, 8cm deep$400600222A desk top writing compendium with gilt embossed leather surround, 19th century,18cm high, 28cm wide, 23cm deep$150250 223A French turned ivory bowl, 19th century,10.5cm high, 15.5cm diameter$250350 221224A French bronze horse head desk top paper clasp on rouge marble base,19th century,18cm long$300400225WALTER BOSSE Corkscrew bottle opener by Herta Baller, Austria,circa 1950s,14cm high224 $350450226227'