b'85619621 624[TRAVEL POSTER] [TRAVEL POSTER]Jean Picart le Doux (1902-1982) HONG KONGFRANCE - LAND OF CHATEAUX Kuan Yin, Goddess Of Mercy,1950, lithograph. Linen backed. c1960s colour process lithograph,100 x 62cm. 77 x 51cm. Linen-backed.$500750Produced for Hong Kong Tourist Association.622 Designed by Cathay Ltd. Litho in Hong Kong.[MOVIE POSTER] $9001,200 The Invisible Boy1957 colour lithograph76 x 33.5cm. Linen backed. 625Hot from satellite headlines! StarringAustralian Dance Theatre poster Robby the Robot, Richard Eyer, Philipby Silvia Jansons, 1981. Offset Abbott, Diane Brewster. With Haroldletterpress, created for the J. Stone, Robert H. Harris. ScreenplayAdelaide Season (April 2nd - 11th) by Cyril Hume, based on the story byat the Opera Theatre, Adelaide Edmund Cooper. A Pan production,and signed by the dancers and directed by Herman Hoffman, producedchoreographer. 67 x 46.5cm.by Nicholas Nayfack. Robby the Robot$200300 first appeared in Forbidden Planet (1956), one of the great sci-fi films of the 1950s. 626$500750 [Chairman Mao And Premier Zhao Enlai celebrating With Children],623 1983 colour process lithograph,[TRAVEL POSTER] text in Chinese with date HONG KONG in lower margin,c1960s colour process lithograph, 106 x 76cm. Linen-backed.illegible signature and Chinese$9001,200 chop in image at right,86 x 58.5cm. Linen backed.$500750 622'