b'71489A Chinese blue and whiteporcelain vase, late Qing Dynasty,19th/20th centuryfour character mark to base26cm high$400600 490A pair of Chinese bronze horsestatues with ornate brass inlay,19th/20th century,98cm high, 91cm long$4,0006,000491A Chinese blue and white underglaze bowl with enamel highlights, circa 1840,10.5cm high, 22cm diameter$400600492A Japanese fine silk embroidery of a sea eagle, Meiji period, 160cm x 118cm$1,5002,500493A Japanese fine silk embroidery of a rural scene, Meiji Period, 148cm x 85cm $8001,200 494A Chinese bronze templedog on wooden stand,Qing Dynasty, 19th century,the statue 22cm high, 23cm long 492$1,2001,500488 487'