b'74516 521 522 524515 519 523Ten Chinese Yixing clay teapots,A Japanese carved ivory netsuke, An Indian ivory box with 20th century, some with certificates, Meiji period, architectural finial, circa 1920s,the tallest 12cm high (10) 5cm high 13.5cm high, 12cm across$1,0001,500$150250$600800 516 520 524A Chinese carved jade figural toggle, A Japanese bronze ewer with sealA Chinese carved ivory Buddha19th/20th century, mark to base, Meiji period, on wooden stand, Qing Dynasty,6cm high 23cm high 19th century,$150250 $120200 16.5cm overall$8001,200517 521Chinese jade pi disc, ivoryA Japanese carved ivory Okimono525carving and a gilt metal dragonbasket seller, Meiji Period, A pair of carved ivory elephant statues fish pendant, 19th century, two character seal mark to base, on wooden bases, 19th/20th century,the disc 5cm diameter (3) 20.5cm high 12.5cm high overall (2)$150250$3,0004,000 $2,0003,000518 522 526A Chinese porcelain mantel vase, A Chinese carved ivory Foo dogA pair of Chinese carved ivory 19th/20th century on carved timber stand withancestral figures with two character seal mark to base silver inlay, circa 1920s, seal mark to base, circa 1920s,30cm high 18.5cm overall 13.5cm high (2)$80100$2,0003,000 $2,5003,500525'