b'1793ROYAL DUX Austrian Art Nouveau porcelain figural vase, early 20th century,pink triangle mark Royal Dux, Bohemia,44cm high$8001,20094A pair of American Art Decofigural bookends,bronze patinated spelter, circa 1920s,17cm high (2)$2003009195A pair of Art Deco table top picture frames, chrome and timber, circa 1920s,29 x 37cm (2)$25035096An Art Deco cast metal statue of the baton relay runner, mid 20th century,43cm high$250350 9497MONTBLANC: ALBERT EINSTEIN 18K WHITE GOLD LIMITED EDITION 99 SKELETON FOUNTAIN PEN IN THE ORIGINAL NUMBERED, LACQUERED CASE OF ISSUE: Pen Number 2 of 99 (although it appears that only 45 examples were put on the market), 2012.A reference to the chemical element Einsteinium with the ordinal number 99, the Limited Edition is a masterpiece in design. Every detail brings to life the ground-breaking work that earned Einstein the Nobel Prizein Physics [1921] and such respect and admiration internationally. Crafted from 750 solid white gold, the body of this precious pen is covered with a skeleton net with a filigree overlay representing the space-time curve, Einsteins disruptive discovery that demonstrated how in his universe, space and time are no longer flat but can pushed and pulled, stretched and warped by matter. The filigree engravings on the barrel and cone of the pen reflect his most famous formulas, and the nib is enriched with the engraving of the chemical element Einsteinium or Es, a rare radioactive metal named after Einstein to honour his achievements. The pens clip features a sapphire bowl of approximately 1.3 ct, while the iconic star-shaped Montblanc emblem carved out of moonstone, crowns the cap of this masterpiece.$15,00020,00097'