b'95703A pair of 19th century brass stirrups,23cm long$200300 704A carving knife and fork with ivory handles, 19th century,knife 38cm long$100200 705Three antique timber boxes, mahogany and hardwood, 19th century,the largest 13.5cm high, 27cm wide, 19.5cm deep (3)$60100 706Horse head hitching post top, cast iron, 19th century,26cm high$100200 707A wall mounted match holder, cast brass, 19th century,19.5cm$100200708 710An English wall mount saddle rack,cast iron, 19th century, 711 713stamped K & Co., Four assorted religious artefacts,A cold painted cast metal statue 53cm long 19th and 20th century, of a terrier, circa 1900,$200300 the tallest 28cm high (4) 12cm high$120200$150250 709Barbers cabinet, nickel bound712 714enamel case, 19th century, A set of four English Aesthetic MovementAn American early plastic spherical 35cm high, 31cm wide, 29cm deep brass door handles, 19th century, cocktail set, circa 1950s,$25035027cm high (4) 31cm high$250350$120200 710An American folk model ship715desk lamp, circa 1940s, An American chrome finished 56cm long spherical cocktail set, circa 1950s,$200300 31cm high $120200 716Four antique English umbrellas, late 19th and early 20th century,stamped Armstrong, British Made,the largest 87cm high (4)$150250 717No.10 Paper Duplicator in timber case,early 20th century,49cm across$100200 708'