b'92676680676 680Wm. A. MILES & Cos, CANADA MALTA 19th century hardware shop ALES American mirrored advertisingcarpenters display mounted sign in period oak frame, 19th century, with tools on timber board,49 x 79cm 44 x 60cm$600800 $400600677 681A vintage dress shop mannequin Five American Art Deco adjustable on cast iron base, model 1951, shoe shop display racks, circa 1930s,early 20th century, the tallest 42cm high (5)158cm high $200300 $300400682678 HOYTS BUT-A-KISS general store COCA-COLA vintage enameladvertising tin with lid, circa 1930s,advertising button sign, circa 1950, 60cm high94cm diameter $120200 $400600 683679 BOYE NEEDLE CO. point of sale NEW YORKER BEVERAGES advertising display, lithograph on tin,Prohibition era tin enamelearly 20th century,sign, circa 1930, 41cm diameter81 x 141cm $300400677$600800'