b'105810809813810A Swedish miniature donkey engine,808 early 20th century,18cm acrossA French model pond yacht on$150250hand-painted stand, circa 1940s,109cm high$400600 811An antique model pond yacht with cream and white painted finish, late 19th century,809 99cm longA scratch built engineers steam engine$400600model, late 19th, early 20th century,19cm high 812$150250 PINOCCHIO Italian carved and painted wooden doll, early to mid 20th century,46cm high$80120 813METTOY vintage tinplate tractor with trailer, made in Great Britain,44cm long in total$200300814A childs vintage tricycle, circa 1930s,53cm high811 $60100 815MENGEL PLAYTHINGS Miss America clockwork mechanical boat, circa 1925,38cm long$200300816GERRY GEE ventriloquist doll,mid 20th century,53cm high815 $200400 '