b'23136 138 143 144136 140 144Stevens and Williams glass perfumeA French Baccarat sulphide scent bottle. A Bohemian glass scent bottle with bottle with sterling silver top, 19th century, Facet cut with cameo portrait ofswirling gold inclusions, silver cap 7.5cm high Napoleon. Original glass stoppercrowned with green rhinestone,$150250 and silver lid, circa 1850, 19th century,7.5cm high 8cm high137 $250350 $250350FLORALIA Gustav Boehm pair of perfume bottles, sealed with original141 145perfume and original box, made inA Chinese silver kidney shaped scentFive assorted antique perfumeGermany, early 20th century, bottle with embossed floral cartouche, and scent bottles, 19th century,bottles 7cm high Shanghai, circa 1900, tallest 14cm high (5)$1502504.5cm high $200300 $350450138 146A purple overlay cut glass scent142 Eight Egyptian glass scent bottles,bottle with silver cap and originalAn English sterling silver circular20th century,glass stopper, circa 1875, scent bottle chased with exotic birds,the tallest 23cm high (8)9.5cm high scrolls and foliage with attached$150250 $250350 suspension ring and chain.By Walter Thornhill, London, circa 1887.139 8cm high, 71 gramsA horn shaped faceted glass scent bottle$500700with original glass stopper, silver caps and suspension chain, circa 1875, 1439.5cm high A Bohemian malachite $250350 glass perfume bottle, Czechoslovakia, circa 1920s16cm high$200300140141 139 142'