b'83613 614614[REPUBLIC OF CHINA](Portraits Of The Greats Of The Chinese Republic)c1930s colour process lithograph with text in Chinese,77.6 x 53.6cm. Linen-backed.This poster depicts prominent figures from the early days of Chinas Republic. Sun Yat-sen, the first President of the Republic of China, is in the upper centre surrounded by the Kuomintang flag (representing the Nationalist Party of China, of which he was a co-founder), and the flag of the Republic of China.To his right is Lin Sen (Chairman of the National Government of the Republic of China from 1931 to 1943). To his left sits Wang Jingwei, a politician and advocate of Chinese Nationalism who helped to overthrow the Qing Dynasty in 1911. The portraits also include Chiang Kai-shek (leader of the Republic of China, 1928 to 1975).$2,0002,500615Leslie MacDonald Gill (British, 1884-1947).A Great IndustryWhere Our Tea Comes FromIndia. Ceylon. Sumatra. Java,1937 colour lithograph,signed and dated in image lower right,1012 x 64cm. Linen-backed.A key showing the relative positions of India, Ceylon, Java and Sumatra.Printed in England.$1,5001,750615'