b'37270 281 286Japanese Satsuma export wareFlorentine 4 drawer chest, desk set,A fine wood-carving of a golfer, with vase, English porcelain ginger jar andwaste paper bin and twohand-painted details and an ebony bowl, early to mid 20th century, pepper mills, 20th century, detachable club, Japanese/Hawaiian, the vase 37cm high (3) the chest 23cm high (5) circa 1930. Stamped to base for Saya $80120$300400Nyuny Wood Carver, USA. 19cm tall.$200250271 282Royal Doulton Bunnykins rareAn American 26 piece cutlery set287warming dish with lid signed Barbarawith two tone bakelite handles byA glazed terracotta bustVernon, together with two bowls,Royal Brand Sharp Cutter Cutleryof Queen Elizabeth I, 20th century,two side plates and a saucer, Co. mid 20th century (26) 32cm tall. (and very heavy!)warming dish 22cm across (6) $150250$150250 $100200 272 283 288SUSIE COOPER Vintage English porcelainA painted chalkware bustDanish porcelain miniature dove statue, 13 piece coffee set, mid 20th century, of a native American plainsShelley porcelain Art Deco vase, the pot 21cm high (13) Indian, early 20th century, Wedgwood jasper ware miniature 54cm high, vase and a Delft miniature jug,$100200$120200factory marks on all, the tallest 12.5cm high (4)273 284 $60100 A pair of etched glass candle holdersDanish porcelain Harlequin figure by in the Georgian style, 20th century, Bing & Grndahl, mid 20th century, 28936cm high (2) factory mark to base, Two Royal Crown Derby porcelain $10020029cm high plates, an English porcelain biscuit $150250 barrel and an antique stoneware jar 274 found at Williamstown, Victoria.Two antique birdseye maple285 the jar 13.5cm high (4)picture frames, 19th century, $100200 the larger 80 x 65cm (2) Good House Keeper$100200American antique clothes rack,172cm high 290$250350Two Staffordshire Wood Pigeon 275 statues, miniature character jugs, A ceramic rooster statue, French,Chinese enamel dishes, Buddha late 20th century, 49cm high statue and assorted ornaments,$6010019th and 20th century,the tallest 25cm high (17 items)276 $120200 Group of 36 assorted Art Deco glasses,mid 20th century,the tallest 18cm high$80120 277Myott English Art Deco porcelain vase with flower aide, two ceramic jugs, lustre porcelain clock, vase and bowl, 20th century, the tallest 29cm high (6)$60100 278A Bohemian gilt metal and ruby glass theatre light, circa 1920s70cm high$300500279A vintage cocktail shaker,metal and red bakelite, circa 1950,34cm high$80120 280Florentine desk set, miniature chest and boxes, 20th century,the chest 20cm high (4)$180220284 286'