b'98744 750Vintage hat case, mink fur stole and twoThree Porcelain jardinires,vintage parasols, early 20th century, two cabinet plates, Doulton porcelain the case 40cm across (4) vase, two glass vases, glass $150250ornaments, pill boxes, coin purse etc,19th and 20th century,745 the tallest 20cm high (21 items)School bell, cast brass with wooden$120200 handle, late 19th century,31cm high 751$150250 Antique balance scales in a mahogany case, 19th century,746 37cm highAn apprentice chest of five drawers$200300 with lift top compartment, mahogany and walnut, 19th century, 75226cm high, 21cm wide, 11cm deep Florentine gilded timber letter rack, $150250 kidney shaped miniature chest, basket and casket, Italy, 20th century,747 the tallest 22cm (4)A French painted plaster statue$120200 of Jesus, 19th century,74548cm high 753$80120Mineral specimens, stone eggs, leaf fossil, stone statue, glass754748 bowl and egg shaped treen box,Indian carved sandalwood figure,19th/20th century and archaic, original Barsony lamp shade, Italian An American Art Deco yacht clock bythe dish 32cm across (18 items)The United Clock Corp. Brooklyn, N.Y. $100200porcelain statue, miniature porcelain 49cm high figure of a seated woman, Bill Bass $150250 ornament, musical instrument madefrom an armadillo, carved olive wood camel, Greek pottery jug, Limoges749 French porcelain miniature dish and Two cast iron cherub sconces or wallcottage, pair of silver condiments,features, later paint, 19th century, 2 egg cups and 2 shell ship ornaments.20cm high (2) Indian statue 25cm high (16 items)$80120$100200 755Louisiana alligator head,29cm long$100200756An architectural circular portrait plaque with green painted finish, 19th century,37cm diameter$150250 757Vintage golf bag, 3 golf putters, a boat oar, pair of ski poles and an old wooden ski, 19th and early 20th century,the ski 195cm high$120200 758Accumulation of antique hand tools, 19th and early 20th century,mallet 33cm high (30 items)$60100 759Collection of antique wood planes and parts, 19th century,large block plane 55.5cm long$200300 746'