b'100769768770771MILITARY768FLINTLOCK English twin barrelpocket pistol by EDWARD WESTON,early 19th century,marked Ed. WESTON, LEWES, 77216cm long$8001,200769English percussion cap pocket pistol engraved brass with walnut stock and octagonal steel barrel, circa 1835,18cm long 771 772$300500 English percussion cap pocket pistolPercussion cap octagonal double-with retractable trigger, circa 1830, barrelled pocket pistol, c.1835,770 marked H.P. INCHES, Each barrel stamped with number 5,22cm long.English percussion cap pocket18.5cm longpistol with walnut stock and$250350 $300500octagonal barrel, circa 1835,18.5cm long773$300500 An American bicorn hat with feather plume, by Lilley Co. Columbus Ohio, 19th century,41cm across$150250773'