b'109847842 848Snake necklace, 9ct gold withA Victorian brooch, yellow gold set emerald eyes, early 20th century, with a seed pearl, 19th century,32cm long, 12 grams 2cm diameter, 3.9 grams$300400$100200843 849A Victorian insect brooch, yellow goldA Chinese ivory bangle set with with pearls and sapphire 5.5cm long,onyx and silver, 20th century4.9 grams; together with an antique$200300 gold cased ladies wrist watch$120200 850A 9ct gold brooch set844 with rubies and pearl,GEORG JENSEN Danish sterlingstamped 9ct,silver necklace in original box, 2.5cm across, 4.5 grams44cm long, 52 grams $150250 $200400 851845 A 1970s vintage ladies necklace and GEORG JENSEN Three Danishmatching ring, two tone 14ct gold,vintage sterling silver brooches, makers stamp illegible,the largest 4cm across (3) 50cm long, 78 grams total$400600 $1,5002,000846 848Assorted jewellery, and malachite dish,sterling silver picture frame,egg cup, napkin ring and spoons, 19th and 20th century$100200 847A Chinese bracelet, gilded silver and enamel set with jade, early 20th century,stamped Silver,18cm long$150250851'