b'35242An American Boston Terrier doorstopby Hubley, painted cast iron,early 20th century,25cm high, 25cm long$150250243An American sitting Boston Terrier doorstop by Hubley, painted cast iron,early 20th century,19cm high$150250244An American Boston Terriermoneybox by Hubley,painted cast iron, early 20th century,13cm high$120200 245An American painted cast iron figural doorstop by Hubley, early 20th century,28cm high$80120 246A European pressed glass dove figural vase, circa 1920, 25cm high$150200 247 247A Scandinavian salesmans sample miniature kitchen dresser with floral250 252painted motif and porcelain handles, A German walking stick with silverTwo antique walking sticks, one with 19th century, handle and timber shaft, 19th century, carved horn handle, the other with 57cm high 86cm high sterling cap and studs, 19th century,$300500 $200300 90cm high (2)$250350248 251A miniature American oak linen press, Two walking sticks with gold plated253late 19th century,tops, and wooden shafts, 19th century, Two walking sticks, one with sterling 53cm high 89cm long (2) silver top, the other with ivory handle $150250$300400 and silver collar, 19th century87cm and 90cm high (2)249 $250350Architectural cast iron lion head plaque,19th century,27cm high$120200 250 251 252 253'