b'99760Ships Carpenters box, solid teak with lift out trays, late 19th early 20th century,25cm high, 63cm wide, 25cm deep$80120 761Vintage Singer sewing machine;table-top model.$80120 762An old crosscut saw, 20th century,210cm across$60100 763An old wooden bow saw, 19th century,84cm across$60100 764A framed silk embroidery depicting three horses, circa 1930s, Shanghai; the work by White Russian emigres. Image size 33 x 52cm.$200250748765 766 767Prime Ministers Olympic Dinner,SINGER table top sewing machine, kneeEnglish porcelain dinner and teaware, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne,press electric, early to mid 20th century, white with blue and gilt trim, various set of 14 glasses from the gala50cm across makers, early 20th century,event, 9th September, 2000. (14)$80120$60100$100200 755'