b'19102Murano Sommerso glass vase,Italian, circa 1960,signed Formia Murano,36.5cm high$150250 103VENINI Murano glass pair of two branch candelabra, Italian, circa 1950s,original label Venini, Murano, Venezia, Made In Italy,20.5cm high (2)$400600104A Murano blue glass vase, Italy, circa 1960s,25cm high$120200105LOREDANO ROSIN Italian Murano glass sculpture of a nude, circa 1970s,signed Loredano Rosin,22cm high, 32cm long$1,5002,500 104 106106ARCHIMEDE SEGUSO Murano109 112blue glass swan statue withMurano glass latticino vase,A Murano Italian art glass bird statue,original foil label, circa 1960, Italian, circa 1960, 20th century,35cm high original foil label Murano Glass, 32cm high$400600 Made In Italy, $100200 15cm high107 $150250113ARCHIMEDE SEGUSO pair ofMurano glass triangular dish, Bohemian Sommerso glass dishes, circa 1950s, 110 crystal bowl, 3 Bimini glass animals, Mats 12cm diameter (2) A Murano glass vase, Italian,Jonasson glass paper weight, Wedgwood $250350 late 20th century, crystal snail, crystal cat ornament and an 20cm high, 24cm across English glass paper weight, 20th century,108 $150250Murano dish 26cm across (9 items)$80120 ARCHIMEDE SEGUSO Sommerso Murano glass dish, circa 1950s, 11119cm diameter Two Murano glass dishes, circa 1960,$400600 22cm and 25cm across (2)$100200 108107'