b'84618 620616 619[MILITARY PROPAGANDA] La Moto Qui Donne Des Ailes. SocovelGreat East Asia War Exposition (The Motorcycle That Gives You Wings),[The Second Sino-Japanese War] c1950 colour lithograph,c1942 colour lithograph, 62.2 x 80.6cm. Linen backed.107.5 x 78cm. Linen-backed. Text continues Imprime ches Marci,Text translated from Chinese includes30 rue Bara, BruxellesNovember 1st to 30th, 1942. Socovel was a Belgian manufacturer of mopeds and This very rare propaganda poster was published by the Japanesemotorcycles. Socovel stood for SOcit pour ltude during their occupation of the northern regions of China duringet la COnstruction the Vehicules ELectriques (Company the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945). The flags depictedfor research and construction of electric vehicles). represent Japans allies and those of occupied territories.$500750$2,5003,000 620617 Kawana Hotel, Ito, Japan,[BICYCLES] c1936 colour process lithograph,FITTER BRITAIN signed Kisige in image at lower rightDo your bit by keeping fit 81 x 61cm. Linen-backed.RIDE A Text in English continues Two 18-hole B.S.A. BICYCLE golf courses. Olympic size pool.1940s colour lithographic poster Built in 1928 by British-educated Baron Kishichiro Okura as an 26 x 76cm. Linen backed. English-style luxury retreat, the Kawana Hotel attracted wealthy The B.S.A. Company (British Small Arms & Metal Company Ltd)and famous Japanese and overseas guests, including Marilyn was formed in 1861. BSA bicycles are still made in India. Monroe and her husband baseball player Joe DiMaggio, actor John Wayne and Russian Premier Boris Yeltsin. Its world-class $500750golf courses, designed by Charles H. Alison, were opened in 1936.618 $2,5003,000[TRAVEL POSTER]Walter MAHRERGENEVA Switzerlandcirca 1949 offset lithograph; linen backed99 x 64cm$7501,000'