b'96718 720Group of ten assorted napkin rings,Assorted pipes, carved wood, sterling silver, brass, mauchlineMeerscham and ceramic, ware, silver plate and bakelite,19th and 20th century,19th and 20th century, (10) the tallest 58cm high (24 items)$80120$200300 719 721Pair of antique brass candlesticks,Set of brass and iron scales with copper fish kettle, coffee set, tray, dishporcelain pan and assorted weights and metal pot, 19th and 20th century, including nice set of bell weightstallest 31cm high (9 items) 91cm high$100200$400600722An Australian pressed glass comport with gumleaf decoration, assorted cutlery in oak canteen and an Australian 19th century Indenture from Sydney,the comport 25cm high$150250 723724 721'