b'110854852 855Austro-Hungarian 1915 One Ducat An antique bracelet,gold coin brooch in gold brooch mount, 9ct rose gold set with 8 diamonds4cm diameter, 9 grams total and 9 emeralds, late 19th century,$350450 9 grams total$400800 853Indian tiger claw brooch 856853 mounted in 22ct yellow gold, A gate-link antique bracelet, 6.5cm across 9ct rose gold,$150250 stamped R.L.,19 grams854 $350450 ZEETA Orchid brooch,9ct yellow gold set with garnets, 857stamped Zeeta, 9ct, An Edwardian floral brooch, 9ct rose 5.5cm high, 11.5 grams and white gold set with aquamarine, $200300 seed pearls and diamonds,stamped 9ct,2cm diameter, 4.6 grams total$150250858Assorted jewellery and costume jewellery including 9ct gold necklace (8.5 grams), 14ct gold and sapphire ring, 2 x 14ct gold clasps, assorted pearls, silver chains etc,$150250 859Three enamel and silver brooches,857 micro-mosaic brooch, shoe buckleand crown brooch,19th and early 20th century, (6)$100200 860ROLEX ladies vintage watch in 9ct gold case with enamel dial, circa 1920,3cm wide including crown$300500861Two antique 9ct gold brooches with seed pearls and garnet, 19th century,star brooch 4cm across (2)852 $300500 '