b'69482 483 484482SATSUMA KINKOZAN Japanese earthenware vase with Autumn scene decoration, Meiji period, circa 1900,signed in gold script seal Kinkozan and repeated impressed seal mark,with carved wooden stand.the vase 30cm high$2,5003,500483SATSUMA Japanese earthenware vase, Meiji period,seal make to base,25cm high$600800484SATSUMA Japanese reticulated pottery vase by RYOZAN, Meiji period,15.5cm high$1,5002,500485SATSUMA KINKOZAN Japanese lotus shaped earthenware bowl with enamel pomegranate, butterflies and peony designs,Meiji period, late 19th early 20th century,ten character seal mark to the side.16cm high, 44cm across$3,0004,000485'