b'61433 439Group of 60 entertainment publicityMARC CHAGALL (18871985)and promotional photographs,Circus Seriesmany captioned on reverse, mainly mid 20th century; together with acolour lithograph,miniature cricket bat Lords Tavernerslimited edition 167/500,Old Australia vs. The Crusaders Oldsigned in pencil lower margin,Rest Of The World with signatures62 x 73cmincluding, Greg Chappell, Max Walker,$200400 Sunil Gavaskar, Derek Underwood, Geoff Thomson, Graeme Yallop440and others, circa 1990 (62)$100200THOMAS MUSGRAVE JOY (AFTER)434 I)The Lawn Tattersalls Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th DALAI LAMA, Hyde Park Corner,a signed photograph (15 x 10.5cm) of HisII) The Yard Tattersalls The Holiness The Dalai Lama. The signatureSaturday Before Derby,was obtained directly from the Officehand coloured steel engravings, 435of the H. H. The Dalai Lama and comesimpressively framed and mounted,with the original folder. (2 items). 75 x 148cm overall and$20030079 x 126cm overall (2)$3,0005,000 PAINTINGS & OTHER 441ARTWORKS NICHOLAS HELYHUTCHINSON (BRITISH)435 Hong Kong by NightADRIAEN VAN OSTADE gouache on paper,(DUTCH, 1610-1685), signed lower right,SCHOOL OF 65cm x 99cmtavern scene $2,0003,000 oil on tin panel,signed lower left Ostade, 44225 x 21.5cm Seven 18th century French $400600 Vue DOptique prints,hand coloured engravings,436 framed and mounted,image 28 x 45cm each (7)SCOTTISH SCHOOL $7501,000 highland sheep in landscape436watercolour, 443signed and dated lower left A.B. 1925, W.H BURGER-WILLING44628 x 20cm (1882-1960) PIETRO OF AQUILA $150250 The Goat Imagines Farnesiani Cubiculioil on canvas, frontispiece copper engraving,437 signed lower left, 28 x 41cm; c.1680sALEXANDER BENOIS DI STETTO36 x 52cm Title-page to Imagines Farnesiani (18961979) $200400cubiculi cum ipsarum monocromatibus et two Swiss alpine scenes ornamentis; two winged males, swathed in billowing cloth, sit on top of a voluted watercolour and gouache, 444 lunette featuring the title, and hold aloft a one signed lower right DIEGO VELZQUEZ (AFTER) rectangular cartouche with an inscription A. Benois Di Stetto, 1939,framed by sculpted lion heads.50 x 60cm each (2) An older Philip IV of Spain$7001,000original painted in 1656, $200300 19th century, oil on canvas,438 64 x 54cm 447ARTIST UNKNOWN $6001,000ARTHUR POND (17051758)An etching based on a painting by portrait of a Chinese woman 445 Giacomo Cortese in the collection of acrylic on canvas, NORMAN ROCKWELL (AFTER) Richard Houlditch, 1735,85 x 85cm coloured in shades of grey$100200The Connoisseur 19.5 x 27cmacrylic on canvas, $120200 99 x 79cm$150250 '