b'93679684 687HAHN, Finest Fire Apparatus,Three porcelain rubber glove moulds,Commercial Trucks and Buses, 20th century,colour lithograph calendar, circa 1946, the tallest 42cm high (3)framed, 106 x 44cm overall $250350$120200 688685 COCA-COLA two novelty miniature A pair of glass battery cases,promotional six packs, 20th century,early 20th century, 4.5cm and 8cm high (2)27cm high (2) $80120 $250350 689686 A French advertising chef figure A Statue of Liberty lamp, paintedcard holder, painted fibreglass white fibreglass, circa 1930s on metal base, 20th century,120cm high 84cm high$400600 $200300 687 686'