b'26157 158 160156 159A 19th century RussianA miniature hand-painted porcelain icon in silver mount,cherub plaque, 19th century, 13.5 x 11.5cmin later gilt metal frame,$400600 18 x 14cm overall$250350 157A miniature painting on porcelain 160of a cherub, in fine gilt wood frame, A miniature Mary Madonna painting 19th century, on porcelain in carved gilt frame,19 x 14cm overall 19th century,$250350 16 x 14cm$200300158A miniature painting on porcelain161of a lady with plumed hat, in fineA miniature portrait of a lady gilt wood frame, 19th century, painted on ivory, 19th century,17 x 13cm overall 10cm high $250350 $250350 163164 156'