b'30197 217195 198 201An English banjo barometer inTwo heavy brass telescopic churchTwo Austrian porcelain figurines,mahogany case, 19th century, candelabra, late 19th century, 20th century, 100cm high the taller 64cm high (2) the taller 33cm high (2)$400600 $250350$100120 196 199 202A pair of spelter sphinx bookends onROYAL DUX Austrian porcelain statue ROYAL DUX porcelain figure group,wooden bases, early 20th century, of a fishing woman, early 20th century, 20th century, 11cm high, 19cm long (2) pink triangle mark, 67cm high$12020062cm high $150250 $200300 197 203A pair of French porcelain200 ROYAL DUX porcelain figured vase,candlesticks, 19th century, Two ROYAL DUX Austrian pottery20th century, 26cm high (2) figures, early 20th century,52cm high$250350 pink triangle marks to base,$100200 the tallest 44cm high (2)$200400204Three antique German figured porcelain vases including KPM, 19th century,the tallest 29cm high (3)$200300 205 208'