b'89663652 657A 9 Terrestrial Globe on metal base, A painted boat tiller, early 20th century,mid 20th century 150cm high$100200$200300 653 658RCA VICTOR NIPPER GlobeA hand forged whale hook, 19th century,Trotter Radio advertising metal81cm highglobe of the world, circa 1920s $150250 25cm high$100200659654 Hand forged whale oil Betty lamp,Reliable Series tinplate miniature19th century,globe; together with two world globe20cm highmoney boxes, mid 20th century, $200300 the largest 20cm high (3)$120200660A bronze ships bell, 655 19th century, Three vintage model ships in bottles, marked P. B., 20th century, 25cm high, 30cm acrossthe largest 27cm (3) $7001,000 660$150250 661656 American tobacco point of sale carved A big pulley block with hook, and painted wooden statue, 19th century,wood and iron, early 20th century, 111cm high69cm high $400600662$200300PUTNAM FADELESS DYES - TINTSpoint of sale advertising display, lithograph on tin over wooden case, late 19th century,37cm high, 48cm wide, 20cm deep,$250350663A French Optometrist hanging sign, painted metal, 19th century,88cm wide$600800664Shop counter display cabinet with woodgrained tin on timber base, late 19th century,27cm high, 65cm wide, 19cm deep$200300 662'