b'102TOYS & MODELS 786Three vintage table top pinball games, early to mid 20th century,780 the largest 59cm high (3)Group of 35 vintage wooden$200300 model plane propellers21cm to 28cm each (35) 787$200300Set of vintage painted wooden skittles,19cm high (12)781 $100200 A tinplate clockwork American Indian toy,17cm high 788$100200 A childs dog sleigh, iron and timber,19th century,782 38cm longSCHUCO German tinplate friction$150250powered toy car, circa 1950,26cm long 789$100200 An American LOUIS MARKS pressed tin and steel pick-up truck,783 54cm longLINDSTROM FLYER American tinplate$200300 clockwork toy boat, circa, 1920,37cm long 790$80120 An American LOUIS MARKS tinplate childs toy dial typewriter, circa 1920,784 28cm acrossA vintage toy metal train, $80120781early to mid 20th century,68cm long 791$150250BUDDY L Texaco tinplate toy tanker truck, circa 1955, 792785 62cm long Set of 30 carved wooden large format A Victorian brass bed, 19th century, $250350number type printing blocks, circa 1920,65cm long each block 10.5cm high (30)$150250$150250 793STRUCTO TOYS vintage tinplate toy fire engine, circa 1950s,87cm long$150250 782783'