b'937Silver mounted scent bottle,vanity jar and a niello silver pepper pot,early 20th century,11cm high (3)$100200 38Assorted English Georgian and Victorian sterling silver flatware,1400 grams total$600800 5139Silver plated tea service, tray,decanter and atomizer, 20th century,the tray 38cm across (6)$60100 4740Eight assorted English sterling silver handled dinner and entree knives by Mappin & Webb, late 19th century,the longest 27.5cm (8) 47$100200Silver mounted ivory paper knife,19th century,41 31cm long$120200An antique English silver plated serving tray, late 19th century,52cm across 48$100200Arts and Crafts four piece tea service,hand beaten silver plated copper,circa 1900,42 the water pot 21cm high (4)Pair of American sterling silver $150250 46three branch candelabra,early to mid 20th century,31cm high (2) 49$200300A Chinese sterling silver mounted spirit51decanter with four sections, circa 1920s, A Soviet Russian silver spoon with 33cm high remains of original gilding, 20th century,43 $150250 stamped 916 with hammer English sterling silver and and sickle in a star.tortoiseshell picture frame by 19.5cm long, 55 gramsWilliam Comyns, London, circa 1892, 50 $8012015 x 16cm Whitehill English glass vase embellished $200300with silver plate floral swags at top and52base and with an Art Nouveau dancing girl featuring on the central band, A silver plated five branch candelabra,44 40cm high20th century,An Indian silver box adorned with$15020049cm highcabochon semiprecious stones, $80120 19th/20 century,later velvet lining,18cm high, 21cm wide, 13cm deep$15025045Two Georgian sterling silver table spoons and two sterling silver christening mugs, 305 grams total (4)$120200 46A silver baby rattle with shell handle, 19th century,8cm high$120200 48'