b'75526527527 533 536A Chinese carved ivory cricket cageTwo Chinese bed warmers and a pewterA Chinese Mah-Jong set in leather with carved cricket on wooden base,teapot, early to mid 20th century, and card case with bone and Qing Dynasty, 19th century, teapot 22cm high (3) bamboo tiles, early 20th century,8cm high, 10cm wide, 6cm deep $120200the case 29cm across$8001,200 $120200 534528 Chinese stone seal and four537A set of thirty Chinese carved ivoryChinese carved stone amulets, A Chinese two tier occasional gaming pieces, Qing Dynasty, the largest 7cm (5) table with silver plated tops and 19th century, $200300folding base, circa 1920,3.5cm diameter 54cm high, 38cm across$1,2001,500535 $150250 Three framed Chinese silk 529 embroideries, 20th century, 538A pair of Chinese carved ivorythe largest 57 x 40cm overall (3) A Chinese trade ware ginger seated figures, one smoking an$150250jar with lid, Ming Dynasty,opium pipe, 19th century, 16cm high8.5cm high (2) $120200 $450550 530Two Japanese hand-painted erotic scenes, Meiji Period,18 x 20cm (2)$120200 531Indian Rhada Krishna statue, polychromed carved marble, 19th century,signed Batchenna,18.5cm high$200300532Mah-Jong set, bone and bamboo, early 20th century, in Damascus inlaid timber box,the box 28cm across$150250 520 531'