b'27162A miniature portrait of Wagner inpiano ivory frame, 19th/20th century,9 x 8cm overall$150250 163Miniature portrait of a lady in red dress, painted on ivory in ivory frame,19th century,signed R. MASSE lower right,image size 9 x 7cm, frame 18 x 15cm overall$400600164A Regency miniature portrait ofa gent in blue coat, circa 1820s,image size 6cm diameter, frame 13 x 12.5cm$600800165A miniature portrait of Lady Grey painted on ivory in ivory frame, signed lower right (illegible), late 19th century,image size 8 x 7cm, frame 15 x 12.5cm overall$400600 166A miniature portrait of a noble lady, painted on ivory in wooden frame with ormolu mount, 19th century,pencil inscription verso (illegible), 168image size 8 x 6cm, frame 14 x 12cm overall$400600 167Miniature portrait of lady with blue ribbon171in her hair, painted on card, 19th century, A pair of miniature portraits of ladies in image size 8 x 6.5cm, framematching ormolu frames, 19th century,14 x 12cm overall 6 x 5cm each overall (2)$250350$400600 168 172French 18th century miniature portraitTwo French miniature portraits ofof a nobleman, watercolour on papernoble ladies in ornate ormolu frames,in fine ormolu and brass frame, 19th century,11 x 9.5cm overall7.5cm and 6cm high (2)$1,0001,500 $300500 169 173A miniature portrait of a youngA French miniature portraitwoman in white dress, brass andof a young gent, circa 1810,bead frame, 19th century,7 x 6cm overall9 x 7cm overall $300500 $300500 170 174A French circular miniature portrait A.E. EISENBERG (U.S.A.)of a woman, signed lower leftcarved wooden bust,BANBRIN, 1806, fine ormolu mount, signed A.E. Eisenberg,Paris Exhibition label verso dated 1949, 31cm high7cm diameter overall$150250$500750 174'